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MARYLAND RESIDENTS! Home Weatherization Grant Application

We Manage Home Weatherization Programs as a Maryland Energy Administration Grantee

With grant support from the Maryland Energy Administration, the Department of Housing and Community Development, and other sources, Building Change contracts with EDGE Energy  and other participating providers to deliver home weatherization and where applicable other services to qualified low- and moderate-income Maryland residents.  The purpose is to make homes more accessible, comfortable and efficient while saving money for homeowners and occupants by reducing utility bills.  Click the link below to learn more about our weatherization services and see if you qualify! Share this page with friends and neighbors who might also benefit to help your community reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

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The Wayfinder Initiative

graphic explanation of how the Building Change Wayfinder initiative works.

Building Change, Inc. is a 501(c )(3) nonprofit corporation founded to promote and implement vital improvements to the accessibility, comfort, efficiency, health, and safety of residential built environments. Our primary focus has been low- to moderate-income homeowners and occupants in aging urban and suburban Maryland communities that contribute to grid strain, GHG emissions, and increased resource and health service usage. We have convened thought leaders in building, data, and environmental science, macroeconomics, and resource management to develop the Wayfinder Initiative. Wayfinder connects building owners and occupants to sources of project funding not traditionally associated with residential building performance. The Wayfinder interface and registry provide the market infrastructure for validated Home Performance Attribute Certificates (HPACs) to be swapped by owners/occupants for vital project funding with the potential to eventually generate passive income, improve the livability and value of the building, as well as the general wellbeing and productivity of the occupants. Local government environmental initiatives, academic research teams, healthcare and insurance networks, corporate SDG/ESG/DEI investors and advertisers, and philanthropies all benefit from access to anonymous building performance and owner/occupant data as proof of impact for making a tangible difference. This home performance data megamarket, built upon the foundation of the existing open source HPXML protocol, generates value for citizens and many other stakeholder groups, facilitating data driven decision making that will support meeting climate goals. Our long-term objective is for Wayfinder to be implemented globally bringing corporate leveraged rebates to local homeowners/occupants, trades, and organizations around the world.

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Collaboration for Change

Changing the impact of human activity upon our planet requires many hands!

Guidestar Recognition

Building Change is proud to have earned its 2022 Guidestar Gold Seal for Transparency!

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Building Change is on a mission to improve the accessibility, comfort, efficiency, health, and safety of the built environment, especially for homeowners and families. Shelter is recognized as a basic human right by the United Nations. Home ownership forms the basis of sustainable prosperity. We convene thought leaders from many disciplines in order to develop practical solutions that uphold human dignity, respect species diversity, and protect ecosystem integrity. Any society’s level of civilization is determined by the standard of living available to its most vulnerable members. Together, we are Building Change.


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