The Wayfinder Initiative Facilitates New Ways of Financing Sustainable Building Improvements and Modifications!

About The  Wayfinder Initiative

Homeowners should not need to incur debt to make vital improvements to the sustainability, comfort, efficiency, health, and safety of their homes.

The Wayfinder Initiative was conceived to empower homeowners and occupants to leverage the performance data their homes generate in exchange for access to different funding sources not traditionally associated with residential property. Utility and other local rebate programs are limited in their scope.

The Wayfinder platform will give residents the power to choose what data about their home they are willing to grant limited access to in exchange to funds to cover comprehensive improvements that will improve their quality of life and reduce environmental impact.

There are billons of private sector dollars spent annually for corporate social responsibility and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Wayfinder provides a means for those investors to fund bundles of residential project line items that align with their mission goals, reducing dependence on government-sponsored upgrade funding.  It also provides individual homeowners a means of connecting their projects to those private sector funding sources.  Building Change’s revolutionary Wayfinder interface also creates quality jobs for certified home performance auditors and tradespeople while helping communities become more sustainable.

Data: Waste Not, Want Not!

Our homes generate a vast amount of highly valuable performance data that is constantly being wasted.

To put it bluntly most of the time we are giving it away without even realizing it!

Wayfinder empowers home owners and occupants to take ownership of and benefit from the data their homes produce.

Wayfinder puts order in the chaos. Government agencies, manufacturers, trades, utilities, and home/building owners all stand to gain if they get on the same page regarding how home performance data is managed and valued. The current lack of consistent and reliable reporting means homeowners are losing opportunities to monetize the data their homes produce.  The value of that data could help finance comprehensive and enduring comfort, energy efficiency, health, and safety improvements.

Home and Building Owners

Contact Building Change today to learn how you can participate in this unique initiative. Building Change is creating the Wayfinder value exchange network is to bring aging homes and buildings into the 21st century, making them more comfortable, efficient, healthy and safe to improve occupant wellbeing while reducing energy waste.

The money home and building owners save helps revitalize local economies, enabling them to patronize local businesses.

Seniors aging in place on fixed incomes can receive funding to improve the comfort and safety of their homes, saving money with a positive impact on their health and happiness.

Young or single parent families with low to moderate incomes can improve the value and performance of their homes. Vital improvements offer increased health and safety.

Owners of rent-controlled multi-tenant buildings can receive assistance in improving the livability and performance of those buildings. That will have a positive impact on the environment, lower maintenance and utility costs and improve the life quality of the occupants.

Home/building owners can exchange access to performance data for improvement products and services, and funding opportunities. You decide who can access what data and for how long.

Be a change maker, contact Building Change today!

Construction Industry Support

Individual Tradespeople can benefit from educational and training opportunities in sustainable best practices. Your excellent work will be verified by reputable 3rd parties, providing you valuable referrals that will help you grow your business.

Trade Associations take advantage of resources and collective work opportunities in implementing energy efficiency, health, and safety improvement programs. Create and run internship opportunities for new professionals to support standards of excellence, facilitate learning or best practices and lower costs.

Building materials manufacturers and purveyors can provide in-kind sponsorships. Receive significant tax deductions for donating products and receive valuable in-use performance data.

Tradespeople and contractors are recognized and rewarded for applying sustainable best practices. Market competition becomes driven by verified quality work. Opportunities are created for education, training, referrals, and collaborative support.

Aggregator Empowerment

For data aggregators the Wayfinder Initiative opens a whole new area of activity in the Home and Building Performance sphere. Energy efficiency, home performance, health and safety data have high value for many areas of professional and scientific interest. The aim is to ignite circular economies in which data generate revenue which fuels local home and building improvement markets which in turn generate more data.

The aggregators will shepherd the flow of data and revenue facilitating exponential expansion of the Wayfinder model.

The Building Change, Inc. – Wayfinder SDG/ESG Rainbow

The United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Financing for Development, and the World Health Organization Environment Climate Change and Health Committee have made calls to action – Building Change has responded.

Our proposed Wayfinder data permissioning and exchange mega-market is a transparent data interface, enabling the flow of funding sources, including those not traditionally associated with the home performance industry, into CSR/ESG mission aligned, project budget line items.

Building Change has identified seven primary stakeholder groups which can simultaneously contribute to and benefit from the Wayfinder Initiative, generating collateral good in the process.

Citizen ChangeMakers

Donor/Grantor ChangeMakers

Government/Governance ChangeMakers

Data/Science ChangeMakers

Trade/Contractor ChangeMakers

Corporate/Financial ChangeMakers

Health/Safety ChangeMakers

We are all consumers of natural and manufactured resources and goods. We are all producers of value and waste. We are all functioning within different spheres of impact and influence upon our environment, and all of the living organisms inhabiting it. It is up to all of us to acknowledge personal responsibility in the stewardship of the world we share, sustainable use and management of resources and waste, and active guidance of our leaders to support practices that are based on principles of equality in quality of life. The developmental profile of any state or nation is reflected in the quality of life of the most underserved communities. Technology exists which can address this issue, but we as citizens of the world must choose to implement it.

Transforming tired housing into better homes… 

Together, we are Building Change!


Support The Wayfinder Initiative!

Home/Building Owners

Express your interest in participating in Building Change home performance funding for vital improvements to comfort, efficiency, health and safety.

Contractors, Tradespeople & Associations

Grow your business applying sustainable best practices, have the quality of your work verified for increased leads and referrals. Be the professional in your area that makes the difference and helps revive aging housing stock to improve lives.

Corporate Responsibility Managers

We are seeking collaborators and supporters who are interested in pioneering the sustainability revolution by funding vital, mission relevant improvements to built environments or providing in kind sponsorship, improving lives and communities.

Individual Donors and Philanthropies

You have the opportunity to encourage energy efficient living across 50 states and beyond our borders. If you are passionate about sustainable materials and practices this is a unique opportunity to support practicable solutions.

Data Aggregators

The ways and means of data stewardship are varied and unique. If you or your organization are prepared to invest in the packaging of data as a public good, then we all stand to benefit!

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