Building Change Advocates for Data-Driven Solutions to Facilitate Sustainable Home/Building Improvement!

Our Data Solutions Advocacy Work

Technology can facilitate a lot more than just high speed communication!

Building Change understands the power of data and distributed ledger technology for fiscal transparency and privacy protection.

Wayfinder harnesses these technologies to verify and assign consistent, consensus determined value to data, creating marketable Home Performance Attribute Certificates (HPACs) that can be exchanged to fund improvements for owners and occupants, while offsetting carbon or resource use for funders.

Building Change is bringing thought leaders from macroeconimics, the tech sphere, and home performance together to develop a conduit connecting consumer permissioned data sharing to a network of advertisers, corporate social responsibility, commercial finance, and philanthropies looking to invest in Sustainable Development Goals with tangible proof of impact. That stream of braided funding not traditionally available to residential borrowers can resuscitate aging housing stock and revitalize communities.

Above: Building Change Board Chair Jason Dispenza Advocating for Blockchain & DLT Building Performance Solutions at a Conference.